Women: You Should Protect Yourself in a Relationship

beautiful womenIn any relationship, sexual health and responsibility is important so as to avoid or lower the risks of contracting STIs or STDs. In women dating, even more caution and protection should be taken, given the dynamic and uniqueness of the relationship. Sexual health and protection is an essential part of relationship and goes a long way to ensure peace of mind, lowering the risks of contracting diseases or infections-and ensures that you and your partner connect well. Don’t we all want healthy relationships?

Trust is very essential and that is why protection is important for you and your partner. Most STIs and STDs have signs and symptoms which are not easily detected, making it hard to know if someone has been infected. Some have visible signs such as sores on the mouth or genital area.

Genital herpes is a virus which takes a while before breaking out and becoming visible, causing sores on the skin. Therefore, consistent and proper usage of condoms is essential. However, as it can be transferred through skin to skin contact, it may reach a point where it is necessary for you or your partner to heal first as the condom may not cover some of the affected parts, exposing you or your partner to the virus.

There has been a misconception that HIV is caused and spread by bisexuals, gays and lesbians. This is not the case as anyone could contact it. It is not a virus where you can easily spot one who is living with it.  That is why it is important that you and your partner choose to be faithful to each other and consistently and properly use condoms.

Oral sex may also expose you or your partner to STDs as there is exchange of body fluids. Therefore, you should take protection in this instance as well.

Most importantly, being open with your partner ensures that you have a great relationship. Communication and understanding goes a long way to clear out any doubts. If you have any feeling that something may not be right, by all means, do speak up! It is also great if you go for check-ups and tests together frequently. This increases the trust you have in each other as well as your bond.

Women dating may have higher chances of risks and exposure to STIs and STDs but you should be able to protect yourself and your partner. Do keep in mind that you get to freely enjoy a healthy and sexual relationship when you have great sexual health. Therefore, you and your partner should continuously be sexually responsible.

A healthy relationship is where sexual health is well taken care of and valued. Protect your relationship, protect yourself and protect your partner. Be safe. Have safe sex and be secure with a peace of mind. Learn how to share your love without sharing infections or diseases. This is a great way how to show how you love your partner and yourself.