July, 2016

What attract younger women to older men?

It is not unusual for younger women to be attracted by older men, happy couples being formed this way. For some, this may look awkward, although when it comes to love, age is not a problem. Still, the phenomenon of younger women seeking older men cannot be ignored, as it happens every day. So, what makes younger women prefer older men better than men their age? Let us look at the following aspects. Older men know how to properly treat a woman Because of their former experiences, both the failures and positive ones, older men already know how to treat a woman properly. They had enough time to learn from their mistakes and make things with their present partners. So, while younger men still lack knowledge on this part, older men will have everything a woman needs, concerning attention, behavior, and all the ingredients that compose a gentleman. They are more stable, from several points of view The financial status of older men is, obvious, much better, as they have a fulfilled career and already know how to best manage their finances. But, older men are not stable just from this point of view. They are much better when it comes to long term relationships, meaning that they are more willing to work for making a relationship work. These men will do their best in getting involved in a relationship, this is why women end up feeling much better in such relationships. These men have more self-confidence Whether we like it to admit or not, we all love confident men. One of the reasons younger women looking for older men is their confidence. Such a man will care more about his own wellbeing, rather than just carrying what others say about him. He knows what he is capable of and this can be seen through his attitude, which will also make him look irresistible. An older man will also know how to dress to make him feel comfortable, underlining his best features, but will also know how to talk to a woman, regardless of her age. An older man is more mature Older men are more mature men, quitting pranks and practical jokes, resorting to more refined humor and attitude. Women appreciate having mature conversation and having with whom to make serious decisions, instead of just fooling around. Of course, this doesn’t mean that an older man will be...

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